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The newest addition to our pop culture corner (to your right and down a bit) is Hungry Beast.  Think Media Watch for Gen Y.  Last night we instantly accelerated it to the top of our TV schedule.  Hungry Beast brings a critical eye to the media along with a concern for image and voice and story (not just propositions, like Media Watch), and comes integrated with the full online experience.  Its concern for issues (like the war in Afghanistan and the coal industry) gives it a tone like Hack.

The Hungry Beast team effortlessly highlight the fakery and idiocy in the media but, through their parodies and self-deprecation, they acknowledge just how gleefully media-drenched they are themselves.  I’ve learnt so much from Cosmo this month.

Hungry Beast reveals a slice of savvy young Aussies who are happily immersed in the media and emerging technologies but not so easily duped.  (Pace Mark Sayers.)

The first three episodes are online.   And before Hungry Beast even went to air, they had already hoaxed the Aussie news cycle to test whether the news media can report critically.  NEWS MEDIA FAIL.  :P

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