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Kony 2012: what do Africans say?

In The Big Bang Theory season 1, episode 8, Sheldon Cooper’s two PhDs can’t save him from making yet another social blunder: [Raj’s mother] It’s up to you dear, we don’t want to meddle. [Raj] If you don’t want to meddle then why are you meddling? [Sheldon] If I may, […]

Royal Wedding Rant

I won’t be watching the Royal Wedding on Friday. That’s mainly because we booked in dinner with friends before we realised the clash, shock horror! But I can’t say I feel ambivalent towards it either. In fact, I’ve been feeling sort of upset about it and not sure why. I’ve […]

Getting a Guernsey

It’s been all over the news. The Pope has a plan to welcome Anglicans who are looking for a more hardcore church to the the Roman Catholic Church. Last night, the 7pm Project reported on it – with surprising clarity. Of course, there was the normal laughing about the church […]

Hungry Beast

The newest addition to our pop culture corner (to your right and down a bit) is Hungry Beast.  Think Media Watch for Gen Y.  Last night we instantly accelerated it to the top of our TV schedule.  Hungry Beast brings a critical eye to the media along with a concern […]