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Mabo and the Great Advocate

For many of us Australians, to say ‘It’s Mabo, it’s the vibe’ may be more famous than the Mabo native title fight itself. To be educated about such an historic moment for Australia is one reason it’s worth catching Rachel Perkins’ drama about Eddie Mabo which screened on ABC this […]

Almost a soft spot for Melbourne

The arrogance of Melbournians never ceases to amaze me. They consistently and forcefully state that Melbourne is the best city in the world, often with very little data to compare it to or experiences of living elsewhere. However, almost three years down the track, I almost have a soft spot […]


America has long been seen as the premier Christian nation (if such a thing is possible).  Since its foundation, there has been an amazing amount of Christian language and influence embroidered in American public life.  And the thing that evangelicals from the rest of the world have found exciting, like […]