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Measurable progress… and more

A mate put me onto Bill Gates’s 2013 annual letter and the surrounding discussion. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation makes targeted attacks on big issues, like poverty, health, and education. Gates’s letter emphasises the importance of measurable goals and measurable change: In the past year I have been struck again and again […]

One Year On

As the academic year draws to a close, I realise it’s been a year since we finished our time at Bible college. In a year so much has changed! This time last year we were writing our final exams for Greek and Hebrew exegesis. This year, we’re doing lots of […]

Grieving winter

Soph posted this morning about the end of winter and the beginning of springtime. Which got me thinking: I may have had my last winter for a very long time! There’s a wet season and a dry season in Dodoma but it’s 25-35 degrees all year round. When people who […]