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The Faculty Four Loves

IFES World Assembly 2019 is coming up next week and I’m helping to facilitate a special track for faculty & research students. As it’s being hosted by South Africa, the majority of delegates in this track are from Francophone Africa and English and Portuguese Speaking Africa. We’ll be exploring the […]

Building on Mark Durie’s truth and love

Mark Durie writes in Eternity, ‘A truly Christian response to the multi-faceted challenge of “Muslims behaving badly” must embrace both truth and love in equal measure.’ He goes on to outline what truth and love involves. In the middle, Durie says: Truth will also acknowledge that many Muslims vehemently reject […]

Students speak 6

Tanzania is not highly urbanised, and university students often come from a traditional village context. At university, they find themselves in what is a more plural environment than perhaps anywhere else in the country. Many Christian students will seek out fellowship while they’re away from home, and there’s one ‘tribe’ […]

Tree of Life (film review)

Arthur finally talked me into watching Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life and I enjoyed it much more than I expected to. Even the evolution-y, creation-y, impressionistic-y bit. Actually, especially that bit. And the dinosaurs (cheesy, I know, but I’ve got a thing for dinosaurs!) But this film is more than […]

Am I a pro-life feminist?

Jezebel ran an article the other day called There is no such thing as a ‘pro-life feminist’. Tracie’s article is written into an American context where the discussion around abortion is much more heated and political than here in Australia. Even so, abortion is a big issue for women who claim […]