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Discussing beliefs online

Communicate Jesus and St Eutychus have been asking whether it’s any use to discuss beliefs online.  Both of them have become somewhat pessimistic about it, at least in terms of atheist-Christian discussions.  But this is a broader issue too…

Why marry anyone at all?

This comes out of two conversations.   One Christian has been going out with a non-Christian, and has been harshly criticised by his Christian friends for what they see as a completely wrong relationship.  Another Christian has struggled with both her own singleness and the way singles can be overlooked […]

Contact, pt 4: The search for meaning

The X-Files told us that The Truth Is Out There. The search for meaning is one of humanity’s defining features. As far back as we can trace, human societies have in this sense been essentially religious. Prehistoric burials and ancestor worship indicate our grappling with life and death from the […]