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More on Pentecostals in Tanzania

Something we’ve been confused about here in Tanzania is why so many Christian women marry Muslims. We asked our student friends, one of whom has a sister who got married to a Muslim. They said it’s not family pressure. Instead, for most girls, it’s seeing the money the Muslim guys […]

‘Do unto others’, including feminists

Last week the daughter of Alice Walker wrote an article about how radical feminism has failed women. It was reposted on my Facebook timeline several times with comments like, ‘Feminism has had some very damaging effects’ and ‘Right on’. I’ve written before about how I’m frustrated when people (especially Christians) fail […]

Help Christians in Haiti

In Galatians 6:10, we’re urged to do good to all people, but especially to our family of believers. If you’re concerned about the earthquake disaster in Haiti, you ought to know a bit about the church in Haiti — who are these brothers and sisters, and what are their needs? […]