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Video: Take part in the university

This video from IFES introduces the idea that as Christians, we should actively and intentionally take part in our campuses, because it is part of God’s world and a place where God is already present. Transcript below, with French and Spanish also available on YouTube. Read more about engaging the […]

A Noah storytelling sermon

This is a transcript of my sermon to our campus English-language congregation, 13 July 2014 Today we will hear the story of Noah and the flood What is that story about? Judgement… Creation care… Many things undoubtedly… As we hear this story we will see that it is about Jesus… […]

Risk: theological reflections

Thus far in this series, I’ve considered some of the missiological issues involved in risk as well as the complexities of medical evacuation. But the point of this series is not just about making the ‘best’ decision: true wisdom must be grounded in faith, that is, in trusting God. There […]

Gender, culture, and different cultures

Andrew Errington has kindly reproduced the entirety of his talk on gender at Sydney Uni EU. It’s a great example of how to talk about this issue for a few reasons: He recognises his own privilege and doesn’t dismiss it. Instead, he redirects the conversation towards how Scripture has affected […]

Lessons from Leviathan

I’m doing an essay on the bit of the Bible where God talks about the Leviathan – cool, huh! I’m amazed by how much effort has gone into trying to work out what the Leviathan was, and how much literature refers to Moby Dick! Apparently it is quite exegetically important […]