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Video: Take part in the university

This video from IFES introduces the idea that as Christians, we should actively and intentionally take part in our campuses, because it is part of God’s world and a place where God is already present.

Transcript below, with French and Spanish also available on YouTube. Read more about engaging the university at the IFES website.

Your life is a journey.
Sometimes you have a choice over which route to take and sometimes you don’t.
At times, you will encounter people who have a different perspective on things.
This is because everyone is on their own journey and your paths will cross.
Going to university can be a challenging part of that journey. You will be tested by fellow students, by scientific research, by literature, by ideas that might actually contradict what the Bible or your church teaches.
Think about it, your faith being put to question.
Daunting, isn’t it?
How about changing your perception on this?
Rather than looking at this as your faith being challenged, how about seeing this as an opportunity to learn more about God through the world he has created?
God is already in the university and he has something to say.
Ask yourself, what does God think about what is being taught?
About the big issues on campus?
Get involved, take the time to listen to and interpret different views.
Work for the good of the university community.
You will get a fuller understanding of how God’s world works.
University life can teach you how you can love and serve God and others better.
So follow God where he is already working.
Embrace the challenge.
Engage with different perspectives in your university.

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