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The soundscape of ‘home’

Elliot calls our apartment in Dar es Salaam ‘the bat house’, because there’s a big colony of bats in the surrounding trees. From the balcony where we hang our washing, you can look directly at bats hanging in the tree only centimetres away, and at dawn and dusk they fill […]

Re-entry stage two

I don’t know if there are stages, but after my initial impressions our real re-orientation began, and learning about a new place too. It’s all mixed in together. Here are ten observations 5 weeks in. We are not as tired this time. During our first year in Tanzania, we were pretty […]

Lessons learned in Dar

We are currently in Arusha on our first holiday since we arrived in Tanzania so this will be the last post for a couple of weeks. We chose Arusha because we were told it’s more western than Dodoma – being the gateway to the Serengeti, it gets a lot of […]

Dar / Dodoma Comparison

We went to Tanzania to explore the possibility of uni student ministry but Tanzania’s a big place with a number of universities so one question we have to ask is ‘Where in Tanzania?’ The two main places we looked at were Dar es Salaam and Dodoma. Both were keen for […]