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The Books of the Bible (book review)

What sort of Bible do you own? Perhaps, like me, you own more than one version: different sizes; different translations; perhaps a study or devotional edition. Yet, all of these versions probably have one thing in common: their design. When you open a Bible, what does each page look like? […]

Where are the Bible infographics?

Infographics radically summarise complex information by visualising it. They range from the functional (like subway maps) to the aesthetic (more like pieces of art). In our information-saturated online world, infographics have become so commonplace that, along with the serious stuff, they’re now being parodied for entertainment. After the travesty of Project […]


When I write, I’ve developed a habit of starting in a  completely stripped down environment (TextEdit) as a way of getting words out with minimal distractions.  Now, I’ve just tried Ommwriter.  It’s an attempt to recover a more organic, tangible and immersive writing experience.  If you harbour strange longings for a pen […]

Depicting Jesus

How should we depict Jesus? Is there one particular way in which we should portray Jesus? What would make a wrong depiction of Jesus, if anything? To get you thinking, here’s a useful page from Rejesus. As in previous posts, I began a series of designs for ES using the […]