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Catechisms today

Wendy has recently blogged about the idea of teaching her children a catechism, a supplement to learning Bible stories in helping her kids to grow as Christians. It got me thinking about the usefulness of catechisms today.

Talking about integral mission

I’ve been talking with Stephanie who is starting some research into what makes ‘integral mission’, the idea that gospel proclamation and social action must go together. What is integral mission in biblical terms? What might it actually look like, and what are the implications?

Jane Barker

Studying for History of Evangelicalism, I came across Jane Barker, wife of Frederic Barker who was the Bishop of Sydney in the mid-19th century. I love finding stories in history of fiery women with a heart to see people in Australia know the Lord Jesus.

Three Views: Book Review Part 2

In the last post, I highlighted some aspects of how Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism was put together and the things I found helpful and disappointing. In this post, I want to get to some of the core theological issues. East and West have long been at cross […]

Three Views: Book Review Part 1

Three Views on Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism, edited by James Stamoolis, seeks to answer the question, ‘Are Evangelicalism and Eastern Orthodoxy compatible?’ Part of the Counterpoints series (see Arthur’s comments here), it brings together 5 scholars of differing views to present their own papers and respond thoughtfully to each others. Bradley […]