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Semina: what did we learn?

We ran our first semina at St John’s University last month. It’s a new initiative for the chaplaincy with two big aims: uniting the fellowships, and offering something relevant and engaging to students. When I say ‘we’, I mean Arthur and I initiated it and facilitated getting the fellowships together, […]

The Gospel-Centered Woman

The Gospel-Centered Woman is Wendy Alsup’s third book (first, second) and a return to practical theology. How does theology get behind the polite smiles and Conservative Christian Values to hurt, brokenness and depravity? Wendy’s contention is that it is the gospel alone that equips us to bridge this gap. The […]

A praying life: book review

In A Praying Life Paul Miller uses two images to talk about prayer: holding hands and scrubbing floors. The first highlights the relational aspect of prayer, what it means to come to God like a little child. The second asks how we pray when it doesn’t feel easy. However, the first time […]

Why is Dinah’s story in the Bible?

One of the reasons I loved reading The Red Tent was to imagine the woman behind what is a brusque biblical narrative. The women of the Bible are intriguing, so often mentioned as footnotes in a broader narrative. Some might say that’s because the story is patriarchal, that we’re missing […]

Where is God in sexual assault?

When I reviewed Rid of My Disgrace, I mentioned that it genuinely confronts the question of where God is in sexual assault. This is different from the question of how God might work his purposes out despite or through it. It is instead the grieved cry of asking where God […]