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Rid of My Disgrace: Book Review

In 2 Samuel 13, Tamar, violated, shamed, manipulated, de-humanised, debilitated, grieved, isolated and humiliated by an act of sexual violence asks, “Where could I get rid of my disgrace?” The question appears to be unanswered. In Rid of My Disgrace, Justin and Lindsey Holcomb, who work with sexual assault victims […]

New mornings

Most mornings, Arthur and I go for a walk together before breakfast. Normally we go at about 7am but because we need an extra hour today, we went this morning just after 6. It was still dark (and very cold!) when we left the house but the sun had just […]

Oprah, value and grace

What makes us valuable / significant / worthwhile? This was the question asked at the start of the sermon tonight at church. My thoughts immediately jumped to Oprah, who claims that worthiness is our birthright. In a world that says you’re worthwhile because of what you do (accumulate, succeed in, […]

Stained by sin, to you I cry

The sub-headings are from  Rock of Ages, a classic hymn and one of my favourites. Not the labour of my hands Every leader is guilty of shameful thoughts, disgusting habits, perverse ambitions and foul behaviour. But what do you do when people are looking up to you as an example? […]

Belief as a ‘work’

A common refrain that I hear from friends and family is, “I’m a Christian. I don’t read the Bible / go to church / pray OR I get drunk / swear / sleep around. But I believe.” And they’re right, aren’t they? The important thing is belief, right? Like Paul […]

Grace. mercy, peace

I know it’s been a while since my last post, largely due to a decided lack of inspiration. However, on Monday something very inspiring happened, something that compels me to blog it! There are no groovy pictures for this post, and I know it’s long, but I hope that these […]