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Most mornings, Arthur and I go for a walk together before breakfast. Normally we go at about 7am but because we need an extra hour today, we went this morning just after 6. It was still dark (and very cold!) when we left the house but the sun had just risen as we were coming back and it reminded me how much I love that time of the morning.

There’s a purity to the world just after sunrise. Whether it’s the freshness of the air or the stillness of a world that’s not yet got going in the hustle of life, it feels unspoiled by the disappointments or frustrations of the day. There’s promise to it and possibility. It feels like there aren’t any mistakes in it yet.

It’s at this time of the morning that I understand a little more what it means that God’s promises are new every morning. They are unspoiled and pristine. They are the same regardless of the regrets of the previous day or the challenges of the one ahead.

Every morning, I pray ‘God, give me the strength, clarity and courage to do the good works that you have planned for me to do today.’ I do that because I want to commit myself to him for that day, but I also pray it because sometimes I feel that those good works aren’t that good, like when they mean responding graciously to trouble or being let down.

But on mornings like today, it feels easy to believe that God has prepared a wonderful day full of opportunity. Praise God for his grace of a new morning!

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