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A visit to a Tanzanian gym

Several months ago I wrote a very excited post on Facebook about how Dodoma now has a gym. However, it’s quite expensive (with no reduction for membership) and the classes weren’t at a great time for me. I went along to one but it wasn’t a very good experience – […]

No more gym

Burnout is a huge problem among missionaries and intercultural workers. There are the big stressors, like medical or security issues, and then there’s the low level constant stress: not understanding the language or social interactions, not knowing how to get around or the best place to shop, etc. A big […]

Moving beyond “I’m studying theology”

The answer ‘theology’ to the question ‘what are you studying?’ is often a conversation killer with my friends at the gym. They’re shocked because it’s an unusual answer (“I expected you to say something like nursing!”) or sometimes aren’t entirely sure what it is. Then there’s the question of what […]

Gym culture

I spend a fair bit of my week at the gym, roughly equivalent to my college contact hours. Like a particular music scene or age group, gyms have their own values and etiquette. My experience is of classes (rather personal training or working out solo) at the Brunswick City Baths: Body […]

The magic 2 year mark

Here’s my top tip for evangelism: it takes 2 years before you have a decent conversation. At least for average joannas like me, who don’t see themselves as particularly gifted in evangelism. I normally try to introduce the fact that I’m a Christian pretty early on in a relationship – […]

Lessons from the gym

Our Monday gym instructor just came third in the Victorian natural bodybuilding comp, qualifying for the nationals in which she will compete this weekend. It’s been fascinating watching her go from being a lean, fit looking woman down to 8% body fat and I’ve been intrigued by both the science […]