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Engaging the university with Vinoth Ramachandra (1)

Let’s continue considering the nature of university ministry with the guidance of Vinoth Ramachandra, who is Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement in IFES. To unpack my last post, here I’m drawing on Engaging the University, which is the first lecture of Ramachandra’s 2012 lecture series, ‘Mission as Prophetic Engagement’. Bear in […]

Exploring partnership in Tanzania

I was saying to a friend that the Kony 2012 campaign all sounds a bit white-saviours-for-poor-Africans. As I tweeted at one point, ‘My concern is not Invisible Children org but the #Kony2012 campaign itself, which perpetuates “we fix Africa.”‘ Well, he asked, isn’t that what you’re doing? You’re going to […]

Tanzania visit!

When we left Adelaide at the end of 2008, Tamie and I were exploring ministry in Europe.  Last year, those plans changed, particularly when we heard about a potential opportunity in Tanzania! In a few weeks’ time, we’re off to Europe with 44 other Ridley students for the Reformation History […]

Rate your Stickability

We had dinner with my family on Monday night and, amongst the vast array of silliness mixed with theological discussion with a dash of personal reflection, one of my sisters was telling us about the fantastic speaker she heard at the recent Out of the Valley conference. Louie Giglio is […]

Shining Like Stars

Last week, my boss at EU, Geoff, asked all staff members (and, I believe, the student leaders as well) to buy a copy of Lindsay Brown’s ‘Shining like Stars: The power of the gospel in the world’s universities’. I finished reading it this morning and it is one of the […]