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Tanzania visit!

When we left Adelaide at the end of 2008, Tamie and I were exploring ministry in Europe.  Last year, those plans changed, particularly when we heard about a potential opportunity in Tanzania!

In a few weeks’ time, we’re off to Europe with 44 other Ridley students for the Reformation History in Context tour.

On the return trip, Tamie and I are staying in Dodoma, 3-8 July.  We’ll be visiting St Johns University, meeting people like the chaplain Rt Revd Francis Ntiruka, and watching what God might open up for us there.  There may be an opportunity at St Johns for some kind of IFES-style student movement, in which the next generation of a nation’s leaders are trained and equipped for gospel impact.

We don’t have any pretensions about being pioneers, because the gospel has been in Tanzania for generations.  However, as Westerners, we are in real danger of seeing our own ways as the solution for ‘needy’ others.  We’re looking forward to meeting brothers and sisters and having our categories exploded!

This trip comes at a key time for us.  We’re now 18 months into our time at Ridley — half way through our three years.  Please pray for humility and wisdom as we continue to learn and seek God’s future for us.

We’re now developing our support further, too.  Our ‘home base’ isn’t a denomination but a diverse group: a sending organisation, local churches, leaders, and friends.  Let us know if you’d like to be a part of this with us!  We send out an update once a month so that our supporters can equip us with prayer, finance, encouragement and challenge.

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