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Tree of Life (film review)

Arthur finally talked me into watching Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life and I enjoyed it much more than I expected to. Even the evolution-y, creation-y, impressionistic-y bit. Actually, especially that bit. And the dinosaurs (cheesy, I know, but I’ve got a thing for dinosaurs!) But this film is more than […]

Lessons from Leviathan

I’m doing an essay on the bit of the Bible where God talks about the Leviathan – cool, huh! I’m amazed by how much effort has gone into trying to work out what the Leviathan was, and how much literature refers to Moby Dick! Apparently it is quite exegetically important […]

When in the thick of suffering

We have a few friends who have been experiencing the most devastating loss and the most cutting grief — things for which they bear no responsibility. What are we to say? Are we to explain some purpose in their suffering? Any attempt to theorise with or inform our friends about […]