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Yahweh speeches

This week I preached on God’s speeches in Job 38-42 at our church.

For the Bible reading, we used Rob Bell’s Nooma DVDWhirlwind‘. (The link is just a preview but it should give you the idea. He goes on to recite the first speech from Chs.38-39.)

I also wrote an outline for the sermon (Yahweh speeches outline) and a community group study (Yahweh speeches CG study).

And just for fun, check out this clip. Arthur says you can always tell exactly what I’m thinking by my expressions. This is a classic example: Shock! ‘Is that me?’ ‘Is that you?’ Repeat.

(If you want to see this in context, it comes at about the 12:40 mark. Just before the sermon we had an interview with one of our tech guys and they really are wonderful, especially Will, who kindly filmed the sermon for me.)

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