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Life in 3D

Since Red Twin has got here a number of people have made comments to me about what it’s like to see us together. One person said it’s like watching two cats purring, another that we seem to bask in each other’s presence. It’s what other members of our family call (with some disgust!) ‘The Mutual Admiration Society’! Someone else said that I make more sense to him now that he’s seen me with her.

I was reflecting on this with Red Twin the other day because neither of us feel particularly sad when we’re apart from the other one. We both have full, fulfilled lives. We have our own interests, concerns, friends, etc. My life is a happy life when she’s not there.

But there’s this whole new level of happiness that happens when she is there. It’s not that my life goes from 80% to 100% when she’s there because it was perfectly good to begin with. I think instead, it’s more like the change from 2D to 3D.

Life is perfectly good in 2D and you never realise the other completely different dimension of 3D until you’re in it. My life is just like anyone else’s when Red Twin isn’t around. But when she comes, it’s like suddenly the world’s in 3D! For example, I used to quite happily go to the gym on my own. Then I discovered how much more fun it is when she’s there, and it’s not just because I’m going with someone else, but because it’s her. So now, if she doesn’t come to the gym, well, I don’t go either. It just doesn’t seem fun enough, worth it enough without her.

I’m quite sure that after she goes, I’ll settle happily back to 2D. I always do. And since we’re both heading off to different parts of the world, long term, in the next 18 months or so, that may be how much of the rest of my life is. And that’s OK. That’s how most people live their lives and it’s a happy and fulfilled existence. But for now, I’m loving living life in 3D.


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