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We were happiest together

When we are not telling Elliot the Dragon stories on the way to school, I tell Elliot stories from my childhood. It’s a way of me being known by him, and he frequently requests them. They always start the same way, “Once upon a time, there were four little girls. […]

My eulogy for Red Twin

Red Twin died 22 March 2018, and I gave a eulogy at her funeral 28 March 2018. I’ve copied it below with minor edits for the written form. About Red Twin When we were in primary school, Red Twin had on her sandwich every single day devon (which is like […]

Life in 3D

Since Red Twin has got here a number of people have made comments to me about what it’s like to see us together. One person said it’s like watching two cats purring, another that we seem to bask in each other’s presence. It’s what other members of our family call […]