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Someone needs to write a theology of twinship

Callum and I were listening to Rain for Roots’ Great Rejoicing the other night and I was struck by the idea of Heaven as a great reunion, as I contemplate life without Red Twin. The world is better for everyone with her in it, but especially for me as her twin. Life moves into a whole different dimension when she’s there, and soon she won’t be.

Which means that I’ll miss out on that whole dimension for the rest of my life – until we have a great and long-awaited reunion. I almost think that the prospect of this reunion will be the thing that keeps me continuing with the Christian faith for the rest of my life.

As I was talking with Arthur about that, he said to me, “The relationship with Red Twin really is the enduring relationship of your life.” Arthur and I won’t be married in heaven, but Red Twin and I will still be twins. (Well, I think so anyway.) And as Arthur said, he wasn’t there when I was born, but she was, and before that too.

Which got us thinking about whether anyone had written a theology of twinship. We googled it and came up with little – stuff about whether Jesus was a twin, some references to Thomas, and Cain and Abel, and then speculations to do with start of life ethics and twins. But very little in the way of theology of identity and body to do with twins. Twinship is such a unique relationship, and poorly understood by most people, and even often intuited rather than examined by twins themselves. So someone needs to write a theology of twinship I think.

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  1. My twin sister and I would really appreciate something written about it… Especially as we’ve seen our twin-dynamic change and flourish since becoming Christians separately, out of a non-Christian family context. We’re hoping to start a blog together soon, so maybe that’s something we can think about!

  2. Interesting topic. Would love to read that theology. However, shouldn’t it be some-two, not some-one??? 🤓

    Maybe you should give it a go.

  3. Beautifully put. Maybe as you attempt to write it yourself it may add the grief process. I love your comnent about the one thing will keep you going in your faith is for that joyous reunion. Yes you will know her I’m sure. xx

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