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Elihu and fake wisdom

At our Melbourne church I recently had the chance to explore the longest speech in the Book of Job and its implications.

Get audio-only here and an accompanying group study here.


1. Questions to ask:

How is Elihu’s speech different? … Why is Elihu’s speech ignored? … Why is Elihu’s speech so long? … Why doesn’t God appear right away? … How does Elihu’s speech relate to God’s speech?

2. Elihu’s tone (32:1-5; 32:10-20)

3. Elihu’s claims:

a) Job is wrong (34:5-15)

b) God is right (35:9 – 36:4)

c) God won’t appear (37:14 – 38:1)

4. Emmanuel, God with us

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