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Student movements and slippery slopes

A story from the history of student ministry: After an hour’s talk, I asked Rollo point blank, ‘Does the SCM put the atoning blood of Jesus Christ central?’ He hesitated, and then said, ‘Well, we acknowledge it, but not necessarily central.’ Dan Dick and I then said that this settled […]

John Stott’s daily prayer

Good morning Heavenly Father Good morning Lord Jesus Good morning Holy Spirit Father, I worship you, Creator and Sustainer of the Universe Jesus, I worship you, Saviour and Lord of the world Spirit, I worship you, Sanctifier of the people of God Glory to the Father, and the Son, and […]

When your hero is not John Piper

OK, so it’s a provocative heading. It’s based on the title of this article. I’ve got nothing against John Piper. I’d be hesitant to describe his preaching as a ‘monumental event’ but if Facebook promotion is anything to go by, he’s been helpful to stacks of people in our day […]

John Stott’s ‘Balanced Christianity’

Killer suit, isn’t it? Balanced Christianity: a call to avoid unnecessary polarisation is a 1975 booklet, the earliest expression I’ve seen of John Stott’s both-and approach, which seeks to embrace both poles in order to avoid polarisation. The strength of this lies not in the ‘both-and’ notion (which on its […]

John Stott on salt and light

A few weeks ago I read John Stott: a portrait by his friends. I was particularly encouraged to read this quote, from David Turner, a member at All Souls and a friend of John Stott’s since 1972. I recall early in my legal career going to see [John Stott] to discuss […]