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Aussies, a call to global mission

Because Arthur and I are strong advocates of the church in Africa, often speaking about what God is doing here and the richness of African theology, we are sometimes asked, “Well, why are you there?” or “Isn’t the work of missionaries in Africa done?” These are good questions, considering the […]

There was more going on than ‘evangelism’

I wrote on Facebook: I called it an ‘evangelistic conversation’ but I really don’t like the term. ‘Evangelism’ can have negative connotations of conquest and for 200 years Africa has been the plaything of European imperial ambition (let alone the colonisation that came before that). This conversation highlighted that poignantly. […]

Our JW caller

A few months back, a JW called Glenn came to our door. Apparently he didn’t realise we live at a theological college – his opening line was, ‘Hi there, just wondering if you’ve ever read the Bible?’ We’ve seen him  a number of times since then. Sometimes he comes back […]