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The problem at the market

In my last post, I mentioned that you can’t separate off St John’s the uni from Dodoma as a town and I want to explore that some more here. There are lots of non-uni people to interact with: the guards at the uni gate; the milk lady; drivers; sellers at […]

CT Studd and Priscilla: Part One

My brothers-in-law are quite into cricket so I was interested in the biography of CT Studd for that reason, but mainly, because he gave up the fame and luxury of his cricketing career for the life of a missionary, working in China, India and Africa. This book is a very […]

Tanzania: why go? (Part 1)

So, why go to Africa? Long term? or just for this visit? I thought I’d thought about this before but this week I’ve had a number of conversations that have caused me to re-visit this as Christians have discouraged me from our current long term plan to work in Tanzania.

Office: Take 2

Continuing to think out loud for my Ministry Formation essay, here’s the question of how office fits into calling, again, continuing discussions started here. This section is quite a bit of theory but it was both new and helpful to me once I found it. Your thoughts? (Lots of footnotes […]