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Go Conference sessions

TAFES will run its biennial missions conference over Christmas again this year. The aim is to equip and encourage Tanzanian students to see themselves as missionaries to the campus, Tanzania and beyond. Along with expositions of 2 Timothy every morning, there will be plenary sessions, taught by some of TAFES’ […]

Keeping missionaries accountable

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary has a knack for the brutally honest. Her recent post Deciphering Missions argues that a lack of accountability in missions results in some missionaries being able to sound spiritual while doing virtually nothing. In her experience, Every innocuous coffee date with a friend [turned] into ‘discipleship […]

Introducing CMS Australia’s new vision

Tamie and I work with CMS Australia, a network of people who care about crossing cultures with the message of Jesus. Worldwide, CMS is one of the oldest world mission groups — for other groups in the CMS family, check out NZCMS, CMS Ireland, CMS UK and Crosslinks. CMS Australia recently launched a […]