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TAFES will run its biennial missions conference over Christmas again this year. The aim is to equip and encourage Tanzanian students to see themselves as missionaries to the campus, Tanzania and beyond.

go conference

Along with expositions of 2 Timothy every morning, there will be plenary sessions, taught by some of TAFES’ most senior Associates and board members. They will be on:

  • Radical Evangelism and discipleship in our campuses

  • Reaching the Unreached groups in Tanzania

  • Missions Partnerships: an urge need in Tanzania

  • Effects of African Traditional Religions for missions

  • Technological developments and missions

  • Mission trends in Tanzania

Students then also choose five seminars, one from each of these lists. It’s unlikely that all of these will end up being offered, but it gives an idea of the breadth, depth and mission identity of TAFES.


  • Primary and high school ministry
  • Children’s ministry
  • People with special needs
  • Pioneering ministry to Chinese investors
  • Reaching Asians
  • Reaching Muslims
  • Prison Ministry
  • Reaching academic and non-academic staff on campus


  • Sports and mission
  • Creative arts and mission
  • Engaging in urban outreaches around campus
  • Contextualised worship in mission
  • The power of friendship evangelism


  • Prayer and spiritual warfare in mission
  • Nurturing your spiritual gifts for mission
  • New believers programmes (follow up strategies)
  • Evangelistic Bible studies
  • Effective discipleship
  • Financing mission work in Tanzania


  • Apologetics
  • Formal training for missions (opportunities in Tanzania and beyond)
  • Basic counselling skills for missions
  • Understanding short and long term missionary calling
  • Cross cultural missions
  • Pioneering new TAFES groups


  • Business as mission – tent making
  • In Campus missions – your Jerusalem
  • Bible translations in missions
  • Becoming a global Christian
  • Politics and mission
  • Using your profession as a tool for missions

Pretty impressive, right?!

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  1. That is a conference that I would like to attend!

    Meredith Lockery Director of Studies Tyndale Christian School 50 Fern Grove Boulevard Salisbury East 5109 0437 522 527

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