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Contextualisation mum-style

Most of my conversations these days centre around poos, sleep, milk and commenting on body parts (“Oh, look at your little hands!”). Sometimes I graduate to looking at what Elliot’s looking at – usually the lamp or the vertical blinds. Though there’s lots to learn, life with an infant isn’t […]

Another take on Mother in the Bible

I decided it was too ambitious to set myself a summer project these holidays. The summer’s looking crazy and we’ve a fair bit of reading and prep to do for next semester’s cross-cultural study at St Andrew’s Hall. That hasn’t stopped me dipping into one or two interesting feminist books […]

Learning “Mother” from Mormons

I blogged recently about the Protestant ideal woman, the mother. Luther considered this to be  a sacred calling. Cutting across the tendency to see some vocations as ‘holy’ and some as ‘secular’, Luther saw all work as a way of glorifying God. Yet, in today’s world, women “leave” work to […]

What is ‘a mother in Israel’?

In Judges 5, Deborah is called ‘a mother in Israel’. As far as we know, she didn’t have children which raises the question of what this ‘mother’ role is. How did Deborah mother Israel? What characterised motherhood in Israel and how was it understood? Cheryl Exum’s ‘”Mother in Israel”: A […]