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Learning from Nanny

My Nanny died last weekend. I was in Adelaide speaking at a conference so I got to see her the night before. We’re currently in Adelaide for the funeral.  My family ended the death notice in the paper with my Nanny’s own self description, that she was ‘Completely His’.

Un-excluding the ‘excluded middle’

A term that gets discussed quite a bit in missiology is the ‘excluded middle’. This short article explains it better than me but it’s basically the idea that our western categories of ‘natural’ and ‘supernatural’ are too binary for the reality of the world. There’s more overlap between the spirit world […]

Spending Christmas with ‘family’

I’ve been thinking about family this Christmas. It’s a bit hard not to! I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard ‘Christmas is about family’. From church on Christmas morning to Christmas Eve Carols from the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, it has seemed to be the refrain of the […]