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The ‘welcome back’ of home

Arthur sent me this photo on whatsapp the other day. It’s of the TAFES HQ staff. They’re the people he spends his days with. Our family loves each of these people dearly, and in many ways they’re the reason we live in Tanzania. But they’re not the people I spend […]

Tanzanian proverbs on relationships

I’ve picked up my book of Tanzanian proverbs again recently, and here are a few about relationships. Damu ni nzito kuliko maji – Blood is heavier than water. This looks like the English proverb ‘Blood is thicker than water’ but it has an extra connotation. On top of the idea […]

Students Speak 8

Last weekend I spoke at ‘Binti Sayuni’ (Daughters of Zion), a ministry to girls run by one of the student fellowship leaders at St John’s, Lizzy. It’s her personal ministry rather than coming under the umbrella of the chaplaincy but I think it’s fantastic and am keen to support her. […]

Gym culture

I spend a fair bit of my week at the gym, roughly equivalent to my college contact hours. Like a particular music scene or age group, gyms have their own values and etiquette. My experience is of classes (rather personal training or working out solo) at the Brunswick City Baths: Body […]

The acceleration of a love story

Here’s my theory about the acceleration of a love story in a TV series. Most narrative in our society is told through male eyes. (That’s not the theory part—that’s pretty well-attested.) But the speed with which the love story develops and the attention given to it are proportional to the […]

Offspring and brokenness

At a superficial level, the comedy-drama Offspring is like an Australian mash-up of Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers And Sisters, combining frame narrative voiceovers and tumultuous family relationships. Plus, as a bloke, I can actually relate to its characters! It’s also cleverer and funnier than its more conventional Australian counterpart, Packed To The […]