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Men lead, women obey?

In the lead up to the recent CBE conference, which Tamie has already reflected on, The Age published a local write-up of the quarrel between egalitarians and complementarians in Melbourne Anglicanism. We’ve heard some people worry about the article’s inaccuracies, yet it has at least one thing exactly right: Christians […]

Will the real Mars Hill please stand up?

The Ridley students’ association organises occasional debates for the college community, and on 27 May 2010, we asked, Will the real Mars Hill please stand up? Many Australian Christians are interested in what American churches are doing. Mark Driscoll leads Mars Hill Church (Seattle) and Rob Bell leads Mars Hill Bible Church (Grand […]

Tanzania visit!

When we left Adelaide at the end of 2008, Tamie and I were exploring ministry in Europe.  Last year, those plans changed, particularly when we heard about a potential opportunity in Tanzania! In a few weeks’ time, we’re off to Europe with 44 other Ridley students for the Reformation History […]

How did the early church grow? Part 2

These two posts (here’s part 1) cover 10 factors behind the remarkable growth of the Christian church in its first 500 years and beyond. Each factor has important implications for how we think about mission and the church today. It’s part history and part sociology. The material comes from a […]