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A Jacob storytelling sermon

Another preaching experiment, Genesis 32:24-29, for the campus congregation, 9 November 2014. A man stands alone by the river in the cold dark night His household possessions have already been sent ahead Even his wives and sons have gone ahead and he is alone now He is alone and he is afraid […]

A Noah storytelling sermon

This is a transcript of my sermon to our campus English-language congregation, 13 July 2014 Today we will hear the story of Noah and the flood What is that story about? Judgement… Creation care… Many things undoubtedly… As we hear this story we will see that it is about Jesus… […]

Partnership talks 2012

Here’s a couple of sermons we gave in Adelaide and Melbourne during the last six months, attempting to ground our partner churches in a common identity with Tanzanian Christians. I looked at how some of Jesus’ teaching might open up the question of ‘changing the world’: You are the light […]