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Students Speak 8

Last weekend I spoke at ‘Binti Sayuni’ (Daughters of Zion), a ministry to girls run by one of the student fellowship leaders at St John’s, Lizzy. It’s her personal ministry rather than coming under the umbrella of the chaplaincy but I think it’s fantastic and am keen to support her. […]

Students speak 6

Tanzania is not highly urbanised, and university students often come from a traditional village context. At university, they find themselves in what is a more plural environment than perhaps anywhere else in the country. Many Christian students will seek out fellowship while they’re away from home, and there’s one ‘tribe’ […]

Students Speak 5

Though students are on holidays our friend G was here for a music course. He accompanied us on our trip to Songea earlier this year and this week when he dropped by for a chat, he mentioned that people had been asking about when we would return. His response to them […]

Students Speak 4

Making idle conversation last week, I mentioned to several people that Red Twin was coming to stay. Everyone I spoke to wanted to meet her, even people I was speaking to for the first time. Some even invited themselves over for a meal! I wondered how to interpret this. Was […]

Students Speak 3

Our conversation partners are into exams and holidays but that hasn’t stopped us chatting with students! This week I met J, a third year nursing student. Though he’s a free Pentecostal, he thinks that the most important thing is to be a Christian first. There were two hallmarks of Christianity […]

Students Speak 2

With the start of Ramadan imminent, we chatted with our Muslim conversation partners about religion. We learnt that Ramadan in Swahili is actually ‘Ramadhani’. The ‘dh’ sound is more like ‘th’ and the ‘i’ on the end is an ‘ee’ sound. It sounds like ‘Ramathanee’. We were interested to hear […]