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Students Speak 5

Though students are on holidays our friend G was here for a music course. He accompanied us on our trip to Songea earlier this year and this week when he dropped by for a chat, he mentioned that people had been asking about when we would return. His response to them was that we would need to consider whether it fitted with our timetable. He said we couldn’t just up and leave to go somewhere like a Tanzanian would because we had a job to do in Dodoma.

Tanzanians, he told me, go to one place on a whim and another at the suggestion of someone else. They don’t plan or work things out ahead of time so it’s no problem to pick up and go somewhere else. However, then he corrected himself. Maybe that’s how things used to be in Tanzania, he said, but not any more. People are busier now and have more obligations to be in particular places.


Students Speak contains some of the highlights from our conversations with students each week. This isn’t about getting an ‘accurate’ picture of Tanzania so much as learning how the students we meet with each week see their world.

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