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The Scar Project

I came across The Scar Project over at The Hairpin. It’s a collection of photos of young breast cancer survivors shot by fashion photographer David Jay. They’re pretty confronting to look at. It’s a devastating issue.

Year of Wonders: Book Review

Year of Wonders is a story of the plague. It’s Geraldine Brooks’ first novel, written in 2001. It follows a small town in the seventeenth century which, when plague crops up in their community, decides that rather than run (and possibly spread it) they will quarantine themselves and wait it […]

Where is God in sexual assault?

When I reviewed Rid of My Disgrace, I mentioned that it genuinely confronts the question of where God is in sexual assault. This is different from the question of how God might work his purposes out despite or through it. It is instead the grieved cry of asking where God […]

Walk On: Book Review

I’m mainly familiar with John Goldingay‘s work because he’s an Old Testament scholar but To The Usual Suspects, also published as Walk On, is a book of quite a different nature. More autobiographical, it’s a series of reflections on what it’s been like to live with his wife who was […]

When in the thick of suffering

We have a few friends who have been experiencing the most devastating loss and the most cutting grief — things for which they bear no responsibility. What are we to say? Are we to explain some purpose in their suffering? Any attempt to theorise with or inform our friends about […]