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Doing 2 Timothy yet again, for the first time: Feet 1

2 Timothy is a staple text for Australian evangelical Christianity and for many university ministries. It’s about mentoring, fidelity, endurance, and ‘gospelling’. It’s a text I’ve heard preached on time and again, especially in pivotal, rite-of-passage events such as national conferences and ministry camps. And then it was my turn to expound […]

Exploring partnership in Tanzania

I was saying to a friend that the Kony 2012 campaign all sounds a bit white-saviours-for-poor-Africans. As I tweeted at one point, ‘My concern is not Invisible Children org but the #Kony2012 campaign itself, which perpetuates “we fix Africa.”‘ Well, he asked, isn’t that what you’re doing? You’re going to […]