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The Shack trilogy

A few years ago I wrote a couple of papers on The Shack. At the time, lots of people were talking about its portrayal of the Trinity but I chose not to address it, partly because I didn’t feel I had the theological know-how and partly because I thought there […]

The Shack again

A few thoughts have been brewing on The Shack. Tamie has already skirted trinitarian red herrings and tackled a great deal. In the end, I just have a personal quibble: the way The Shack is written.

The Shack

I’ve been writing about Wm Paul Young’s The Shack recently and the result has been two short papers which pick up on what seemed to me to be two main themes: Suffering and Relationship with God. There’s so much stuff in The Shack that it seems near impossible for any […]