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I’ve been writing about Wm Paul Young’s The Shack recently and the result has been two short papers which pick up on what seemed to me to be two main themes: Suffering and Relationship with God.

There’s so much stuff in The Shack that it seems near impossible for any discussion of the novel to do it justice but I hope there’s something helpful here.

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Tamie Davis

Tamie Davis is an Aussie living in Tanzania, writing at

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  1. Looking back on The Shack after a year or so, I think some of its central thrusts are timely in their critique of Christianity as an institution or a system/framework/worldview.

    I think these words from Ben Witherington are appropriate:

    “I am thankful for [the Shack], and its strong stress on the relational and deeply personal nature of our God. I am equally thankful for the message that God is much greater than we could ever think or imagine. I like as well the emphasis on love and freedom, rightly understood, as well as its admission that not all roads lead to God, for Jesus is the way. But on its next lap around the revising track, and before it goes into somebody’s movie, it needs to make a pit stop for some more theological tune ups.”

    The rest of his review is at his old blog, here.

    I guess one of the big questions coming out of The Shack is, then, Have we understood how God has chosen to work in the Body of Christ — and are we playing our parts in the Body?

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