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Post-election reflection

The Australian federal election is over once again. Christians have responded in very different ways. The mess with all the ‘Christian’ micro-parties (see the comments at the bottom of this post) kind of makes you wonder about our political engagement! I’m hoping something else is happening this year. There’s been […]

Some questions for Eternity magazine

Here at Cyberpunk and Blue Twin, we love the Bible Society. And we love Eternity newspaper. In fact, Arthur’s written before about how great it is, providing a wonderful balance of levity and seriousness; tackling big issues with wisdom, tact and a winsome tone; and appealing to a diverse range […]

Dating Holidays

Should Christian boyfriend/girlfriend couples go away on holiday together? I encounter this question semi-frequently and it’s a controversial one because it deals with a phenomenon quite foreign to the Bible: dating. So there are no explicit commands concerning this. However, there are some guiding principles that I reckon may help […]