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Recent writings by me, plus a bonus

Late last year Lausanne Global Analysis asked me to write something about the global abuse of women, so I got over my imposter syndrome and did. Their fantastic editing process means it didn’t come out until July: Why Equality Is Not Enough When You’ve Been Abused: pursuing the flourishing of […]

Head shift (another one)

Our life in Dodoma has got a pretty good rhythm now. For the time being, I mostly know what to expect. We’re feeling pretty well together and not isolated. There’s tiredness, but no shell-shock. I’m always casting around for new experiences; it’s part of what drives me. I’m always animated […]


When I write, I’ve developed a habit of starting in a  completely stripped down environment (TextEdit) as a way of getting words out with minimal distractions.  Now, I’ve just tried Ommwriter.  It’s an attempt to recover a more organic, tangible and immersive writing experience.  If you harbour strange longings for a pen […]

The Shack again

A few thoughts have been brewing on The Shack. Tamie has already skirted trinitarian red herrings and tackled a great deal. In the end, I just have a personal quibble: the way The Shack is written.