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Recent writings by me, plus a bonus

Late last year Lausanne Global Analysis asked me to write something about the global abuse of women, so I got over my imposter syndrome and did. Their fantastic editing process means it didn’t come out until July: Why Equality Is Not Enough When You’ve Been Abused: pursuing the flourishing of women through the imago dei.

Still on the heavy topic of abuse of women, this time at Fixing Her Eyes, I wrote The God I Don’t Like, reading Jonah as traumatised, and asking, if God is so ready to forgive abusers, where is justice?

Meanwhile this little article I wrote for Fixing Her Eyes seems to be striking a chord: Sorry God, it’s been a while.

Also from Fixing Her Eyes, but not written by me is How Not To Be a White Supremacist by Laura Tharion. Every Australian should read this, and follow the links at the end of it.

Even peaceful colonists participated in a new world predicated on whites living and thriving and First Nations people diminishing and dying. Those of us who have migrated to Australia since then also unwittingly join this colonial project, conceding to the necessity of First Nations dispossession as a requirement of our own future building. Australia is a house colonialism built. The fabric of colonialism is white supremacy. You can’t reject white supremacy without first owning this truth. You can’t change what you can’t see.

Fixing Her Eyes is three years old! It’s been such a pleasure to be a part of a writing community of Australian Christian women, to have a platform for my own writing, and to amplify the voices of others. I’ve got two more articles coming up in the next week or so, on 2 Samuel 11-13, looking at Bathsheba and Tamar, so don’t miss them!


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