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February 2015 book reviews

When We Wake, and, While We Run, Karen Healy Tegan is accidentally shot at a protest rally and dies in 2027. When she wakes from cryonic sleep, it is 100 years later and the world has changed. Same-sex relationships are no longer taboo, Muslims are respected in society, and computers […]

January 2015 book reviews

It’s been a year since I started reviewing the books I was reading every month and I’m enjoying it so much I’m going to keep going, for the time being at least. The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf (Tribe Book 1): Ambelin Kwaymullina In this post-apocalypic world, nature revolted when misused […]

October book reviews

Flying on Broken Wings, Carrie Bailee Bailee’s autobiography is not told chronologically. We’re piecing parts of her life together as she recalls the memories her brain has wiped out for her own protection. Horrific but not graphic, we learn that from the ages of 4-14 her father abused her in […]

2 dystopian books for young adults

In The Woodlands, we’re introduced to Rosa who lives in a world dominated by ‘The Superiors’ who apparently rule her world in an effort to ‘correct our faults’ after Rosa’s people lost a war. The Superiors are obsessed with race and have implemented some sort of program of cross-breeding to […]