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High Fidelity

It’s about a year since the so-called Lakeland Revival or Florida Outpouring began. It was purportedly the “third wave” after the 1994 movement known as the Toronto Blessing. Lakeland was an internet phenomenon, and had thousands of Christians entranced, confused or opposed to it.

I long to see hi-fi faith throughout the church: living relationships with the living God who longs to burn brightly into every corner of our lives. The thing is, we generally keep to our own Christian circles so it can be difficult for Christians to encourage their family in other parts of the church. So, while I and others in my Christian circles had plenty to say about the goings-on in Lakeland, in some ways our talk was just academic. I was thrilled when I heard pentecostal Christian leaders speaking clearly about Lakeland. 

At the time, one of these leaders who questioned the events in Lakeland was Lee Grady, the editor of Charisma magazine. He since seems to have made it something of a priority to call people from the wacky ends of pentecostal Christianity to walk faithfully. He continues to write with clarity and truth about trends and practices that threaten to lead us astray. It makes me excited about the ways in which Jesus keeps fighting for the integrity of his people everywhere!

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Arthur Davis

Arthur Davis is an Aussie living in Tanzania, writing at

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  1. Hi Tamie and Arthur,

    This is completely off the topic of your post but it’s cool to have some other Ridley Students who blog!

    Keep up the good work!

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