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Keith Green tribute (for Kat)

Keith Green (official/Wikipedia) had been a child popstar in the 60s before he missed his big break and went a bit AWOL.  Then God busted in.  In the few years of ministry he shared with his family before his tragic death in 1982, aged 28, he churned out some awesome Christ-focused music.  More superficially, his recordings included perhaps the world’s first ‘worship album’ and his style helped develop ‘Christian contemporary music’ — but if either of those terms make you cringe, Keith Green is something else!

Keith Green’s songs are brimming with deep emotion, including grief, longing, and anger* pervaded with unshakeable joy and thankfulness.  My favourite songs are those where he buoyantly rejoices in Jesus’ total grace for sinners and total victory over evil, sin and death,** and his songs to and from Satan, which are brilliant anti-evil anthems.***  They’re bursting with encouragement and challenge!

Keith Green’s old-school groove contains a fresh Christian message that’s totalising and uncompromising.  His straight-shooting, old-school gospel zeal seems far more radical than today’s ‘authentic’ Christian expressions.  Get inspired!

* ‘Asleep in the Light’

** ‘Because of you’, ‘The Victor’, ‘Thank you Jesus’, ‘You put this love in my heart’, ‘He’ll take care of the rest’, ‘Easter Song’.

*** ‘No one believes in me anymore’, ‘Dear John letter (to the Devil)’

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Arthur Davis

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  1. <3 Keith Green’s music – so much of it is confronting, and straight to the point.

    It’s a real call to the church to remember what we’ve been called to do – preach the Gospel, serve the community, and grow in our knowledge and faith – without leaving room for excuses.

    Would that God would raise up more young musicians like Him in this generation!

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