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Public Christianity?

In Australian public life, there’s a range of Christian voices — Danny Nalliah, George Pell, plus a constant trickle of centre-right politicians trying to put in a good word.  The problem is, few of these voices resonate with me as a Christian.

It’s good news that the Centre for Public Christianity provides a thoughtful, credible and articulate Christian voice.  It’s headed up by two of Australia’s best Christian thinkers, Greg Clarke and John Dickson.  Case in point: their roundup on Joe Hockey’s recent comments about the Bible.

Check out their videos and articles and, if you like what you see, why not e-mail ABC’s Q&A to suggest Greg Clarke and John Dickson as panellists — both to represent Australian Christians and to provide a coherent Christian perspective on Australian public issues.

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Arthur Davis

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    1. Hi Eric
      Yeah, the CPX guys hardly speak for all Christianity. My point is that they are a Christian voice — and one that I can trust.

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