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Strong and Courageous

Some of my most vivid devotional experiences have come in the simplicity of children’s music. Driving with a friend in Sydney recently, we listened to Colin Buchanan’s ‘Jesus Rocks the World’ for the sake of our friend’s daughter. Normally I find Colin’s music pretty folksy and his lyrics a bit dense but this time I was struck by ‘Be strong and courageous’. Here are the lyrics:

Be strong and courageous the Lord of the ages

Holds all his little ones safe by his side

Be strong and courageous the Lord of the ages

Holds all his little ones safe

Do not fear the fire / darkness / enemy

Do not fear the water / sadness / poverty

Do not fear the thunder / sickness / eternity

Jesus has conquered them all

Sitting next to the little girl, I asked her, “Are you one of Jesus’ little ones? He holds you safe!” As I asked her, I was struck that Jesus’ little ones are not just children, but all of us. Even I am one of Jesus’ little ones!

I’m feeling the stresses of adult life keenly at the moment: responsibilities to carry out; people to care for; tasks to complete; ethics to negotiate; broken relationships to mend. But I need the reminder that even when I feel frightened or defeated, Jesus holds me safe by his side. So I can be strong and courageous in the face of adult challenges, because no matter how old I get, I’ll always be one of Jesus’ little ones.

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  1. I love this song too Tamie. I used to sing it to help Z to sleep when she was younger, and also before she was born I sang it to her. I like playing children’s Christian music while driving in the car. I find it reminds me of simple truths and rebukes. Some Colin CDs are definitely better than others, too. I’m enjoying “Follow the Saviour” at the moment. :-) xo

  2. hilarious – I was searching on google for a site with these lyrics and your site was the top hit! :-)
    i think even the dense and folksy songs grow on you with the 20th repeat…

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