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What Tamie’s learnt (Sem 2 2010)

We’ve just had our last day of classes – now heading into swot vac before our three-exams-in-two-days! I came to college with a number of issues I wanted to chase through and I’ve been pleasantly surprised that my essays this semester have provided me with opportunities to pursue those questions. Over the next few days, I’ll be blogging what I’ve learnt including:

  • Theology class and working out why the Trinity actually matters
  • Exilic Prophecy and the relationship between word and spirit
  • 2 Corinthians and some resolution to the weakness series
  • History of Evangelicalism and a heart strangely warmed

I’ve found this semester pretty difficult, and have felt at times that the issues I’ve tried to tackle have been too big for my brain or that I haven’t had to time or space to formulate a robust argument. I’ve wondered whether I’ve over-extended myself and whether it’s just been my ego which has led me to think that I could grapple with difficult issues. So I’m blogging these partly as a praise to God for what he’s taught me and how he’s prepared me for ministry this semester. It’s been humbling and at the same time, energising and satisfying.

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