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The world’s youngest nation

Over 3.7 million Africans have called for the creation of a new land. The results are in for the South Sudanese referendum, with almost 99% voting for independence and secession from the North.

My Sudanese college friends are elated at the result, and that the process was so peaceful and orderly. ‘People thought we could not do this!’ It’s such a privilege to share their joy!

There is much still to be done. Peter remarks, ‘There is nothing in the South. No roads, nothing. It is like in the beginning: “The earth was formless and void!”‘ The borders themselves have yet to be finalised, and the two oil regions lie right between North and South.

My friends are excited about the future. The new southern state will be formalised on 9 July 2011. Big shifts are already underway, with huge numbers of Southerners returning.

It’s an exciting time for Christians too. Great numbers of Sudanese Christians emerged in the South during the wars and diaspora, and the secession may spell an end to much of their persecution. With so many returning home, however, churches in the North may dwindle, and there are concerns about the security of the Christians who remain.

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  1. A few of my friends are keen to go there. They even want me to come with them!

    Some of the American AIM workers in Uganda were pessimistic, expecting civil war.

    One AIM worker from Sudan was not optimistic about the ability to get a functioning national administration, likening the situation to children who have voted their parents out of the house and have to look after themselves. Then there are isolated people groups who hardly knew they were part of the Republic of Sudan.

    Certainly the international community has the benefit of experience and will be able to help. It will be interesting to watch.

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